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First Limited Edition Rum Is Released by Judas Priest

Judas Priest heavy metal pioneers of Britain are preparing for its first spirit release. There is absolutely no space for compromises. The Judas Priest Spiced Rum is fully packed with a punch of spicy notes. It contains vanilla, arrack, raisins, and burnt sugar. The rum is quite smooth and warm and contains 37.5%AVB, which makes this beverage pretty drinkable. It has several layers of flavors that can be felt once the taste hits your taste buds.

The Metal Scene

Judas Priest has been the pioneer of the metal market for over five decades now. Being so old and consistent, it has never been irrelevant to the metal music business. Their desire to give their fans something more than just music made then collaborate the Brands For Fans. This collaboration has worked together for a year in perfecting the flavor and also the prolific bottle design.

Judas Priest, in one of their statement, mentions, “We are happy to reveal our new rum to the world which is in collaboration with the Brand For Fans. The nature of our rum is quite complex, but it is quite versatile. It is just like our music, which we have provided for over 50 years now. The rum is good with a hint of evil”.

Who Are The Brand For Fans

This is a Swedish company in the global market. It is the leader and seller of marketing alcoholic beverages that are in production with or by the artists. This marketing company has been in touch with several bands and artists over the past years. And this time, it is in collaboration with our very own Judas Priest. This company has been prolific in launching several new products and attracting fans from all over the world. The company creates business methods that happen to be successful for both the artists and the producers who invest their time and money on these drinks.

The dynamic music band creating their own alcoholic line has put their fans on high. The rum has already hit the markets on October 23. It is available in the markets in a batch of 5000 bottles. The price for a bottle of 500ml is 349 SEK for the people of Sweden.