‘Fire Emblem’ Remake in 3D, the plan was canceled by Nintendo’s

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The 3Ds initiated the rebirth of the franchise of Fire Emblem. It has four titles of the series successfully running. However, it was only in the recent past that its support was taken away. Nintendo was planning on putting out several remakes in the 3Ds, but however, the plan was canceled.

The Futile Attempts

The former informer, Imran Khan, mentions that Nintendo di plan to do some other remakes on 3Ds. But it eventually changed its mind considering that other 3D games were doing extremely poor. Their market sells were extremely poor as well. The slow sales of Bowser Junior’s Journey and Mario and Luigi gave them a hint they should not be carrying their plans any further. This is when Imran Khan mentions that Nintendo was planning for Fire Emblem on 3Ds but ultimately canceled it.

These poor performances make Nintendo realize that Alpha Dream is practically bankrupt now. They do not, by any chance, want to bring that condition onto themselves. In the first month, both the games sold only 11,000 units. The rest were all spent sitting on shelves. The casualties of this loss extend its clutches to more than one studio.

Behind Closed Doors

Khan, however, claims that it was the failure of these plans than Nintendo decide to call off “a bunch” of its other plans. It had plans for the next eight years, which includes a remake of Fire Emblem. But ultimately, the poor market for 3D remakes makes it drop down the plan.

'Fire Emblem' Remake in 3D, the plan was canceled by Nintendo's

Khan, however, is not completely sure if the deal is completely off the table. He says if the title eventually flashes on Switch, it is not going to surprise him. Hearing all this, it will not be wrong to assume that Nintendo had a couple of future plans ready before it closed all the doors. But do you think Fire Emblem still might be there behind the closed doors?