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Finally Halsey confirms that Evan Peters is her boyfriend after the split of Yungblud

Halsey, after her split with punk rocker, Yungblud, confirms that Evan is her boyfriend. She made an appearance in the Ellen DeGeneres show. At this show with Ellen, she spoke about her new relationship with Evan Peters. This all was happening at the show when a lookalike of Evan sprung into the set. The lookalike was hiding him behind a sofa. After this incident on the show, the 25-year-old star talks about her relationship with Evan. Halsey says that Ellen was distracting her with the boyfriend’s question. Previously she was fooled into and Halloween trick on the show. But Ellen was laughing because she was finding the Halloween trick hilarious.

The relationship

Halsey says that she was confused between two things that night. One is talking about her boyfriend on television with millions of viewers. Second, being the surprise trick that just happened with her. With the conversation getting off track, Ellen says that both the things are scary. Ellen thought that she just pulled a double whammy on Halsey. The intention of Ellen was to scare her guest, and it easy to say that she was successful in doing that. After this, Halsey says to Ellen that is was really scary and that Ellen has the best job on the planet.

Halsey became famous after her role in the American Horror story. On Saturday night, they were celebrating the 100th episode of the show. The show runs on Netflix and is a huge hit at the moment. The celebrations were happening in California at the Hollywood Forever. Both of them were in beautiful dresses, or you can say costumes. They were dressing like Cher and Sonny as they were entering the Red Carpet. The duo just stunned everybody as they were looking amazing. The starts were first spotted being romantically holding hands on one another. This incident is about them holding hands at the Six Flags Magic Mountain. Both of them were laughing and having a great time with each other. They were flirting, and the whole scene was just so romantic, says the source.