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Even With The Britain’s PM On Field Brexit May Not Gonna Happen?

European Union Is An Economic Zone Which Was Initially Created By 6 Countries At Present There Are 28 Countries Are In EU, Which Offers Tax-Free Trading Between The Member Countries Which Was Initially Benefitted Those Countries.

But For Now, Many Countries Are Being Afraid Of Losing Job Opportunities Of Their People By Outsiders. First Of All, Britain Made The First Move To Exit From The European Union.

A Voting Was Conducted On June 23, 2016, To Know The Pulse Of Britain People About Leaving The EU. Leave won by 52% to 48%. Among The 30 Million Voters 17.8 Opted To Exit EU. If the UK Exits From The European Union, It’ll Be The First To Country To Made This Initiative Possible.

After Britain leaves the EU, it Affects On Trade, Customs, Immigration Checks, Local Economies, Services, Recognition Of Qualifications, Medical Cooperation, and other matters By The Irish Border Side.

For this reason, the Democratic Unionist Party Worried And Opposed This Agreement. British Government Officials And Most Of The Politicians Were Expecting The Bill To Pass By October 31 Without Any Issues.

Not Only Britain’s But The Whole Worlds Eyes Are Now On Boris Johnson That Can He Pass The Bill? If British Law Makers Approve Boris’s Deal, ‘Britain Is All Set To Exit EU By This Month End.’