Europa League Drama: Nazi Salutes Made By Lazio Fans At Glasgow

The fans of Lazio were seen making some serious fascist salute. This action took place while they were marching their way through the city center of Glasgow. As dozens of Italians went walking through Buchanan Street, they made some vile gestures. The Italians were looking forward to their match against Celtic. Their gestures were quite vile and sickening.

The Occurrence

The grim scene was on Thursday when Lazio fans were heading to Buchanan Street. They were marching through the City Centre for their match ahead with Celtic. The group of Lazio fans was seen making some really sickening gestures. There were reports of them making Nazi salutes while they were walking.

There was a video going viral on social media, which clearly shows the situation. As per the video, there was a group of people who were chanting some rants while they were walking. The video also shows that they were outstretching their arms during the action.

The video was sometime after pm, and the game was about to start at pm. The big game was to be kicking-off at Parkhead stadium. The creation of this disgusting drama was just hours before the game was actually about to start.

Where It All Began

The chanting began as a reason for racial discrimination. Jeremie Frimpong, the Celtic defender, mentions in one of his interviews that there was racial discrimination against him. This was the situation when he was playing for Manchester United in Rome. He was just ten years old at that time.

The player mentions, “When I was playing for United, and I went to Italy, I heard the fans cheer monkey chants. I did not let it bother me and continued my play”. He further mentions, “the action made me think I am just playing Football, why are you so mad?”

While the large group of ranters kept walking, onlookers kept staring at them with utter dismay. The scene before the match was not pleasing at all. This tweet not only attracted a lot of retweets but also made the users of social media quite mad.