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Emmerdale Updates: True identity of Nate Robinson is revealed to be

Emmerdale Episode

Nate is having an affair with Cain Dingle’s wife, Moira. Cain finds out about the relationship and seeks revenge from Nate. He takes him fishing and decides to hint him that he knows.

This conversation turns into a heated argument when Cain tells Nate that he is his dad.

Moira also finds it while going through some photos.

When she finds the fishing boat, she tries to stop the quarrel between the two. But she is pushed off the ship by the sail, and the episode ends.

It is a fascinating revelation about the actual relation between Moira and Nate. It has left viewers on the edge of their couch and waiting for the next episode.

What would happen next? How will they look into the situation and given the affair of Moira and Nate and their actual relationship? Has Moira survived after falling into the water? All these questions will e answered in the next episode.

The show has to bring out a fascinating twist. They have been hiding the truth for a while now. It is unacceptable to have such a relationship.

The writers are walking on thin ice, to make it exciting or continue their relationship and make it disgusting.

There was a couple, a few years ago who surfaced on the internet. The mother and son and they were together and were deciding to get married.

It had a negative response. It is talked about breaking the norms, but such norms should be broken that are redundant in today’s world.

These relations are not accepted, and writers are bringing out a new concept for which the people might not be ready.

Some viewers were not so surprised. They knew that this news would come out soon. They had seen it coming. The viewers were divided with shock, and the ‘I knew that might happen.’