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Disneyland Issues A Warning For Measels After A Person With The infection Visits

As per CNN, after the visit to the measles infected person on Disneyland, they began to issue warning signs. This is the story of their Anaheim Theme Park. Disneyland began warning its people about exposure to measles. According to reports, an infected person came to visit Disneyland on 16 October and was there for the whole day. The health department of Los Angles began Issuing the warning signs on Wednesday.

About The Disease

Measels is contagious and can spread through contact and communication. It spreads like wildfire if a person sneezes or coughs. The virus stays in the atmosphere for as long as two hours. And any person who comes in contact with this can be infected by it. The symptoms of this disease include cough, fever, irritation of the eyes, and rashes. The experience of these symptoms can start anywhere from seven to twenty-one days. Any people who come in exposure to this virus can show signs and symptoms. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The United States is the leader of the measles outbreak. They have been dealing with this problem since 1992.

The Situation

The infectious person is said to be a resident of Los Angeles. According to the health officials, this unwanted guest has potentially exposed hundreds of people to the highly contagious disease. This person has put everybody’s life and physical health at risk. The health department, however, says that any further information about the prevention and cure of the disease will soon be updated. The safety and well-being of their citizens are their priority.

Dr. Muntu Davis, the County Health Officer, says, “Anyone who is not protected should know that measles is a potentially contagious disease and is also highly severe. It can start with mild fever, to watery eyes and ultimately lead to rashes”. So for anyone who is experiencing any or all of these symptoms should immediately consult a doctor.