Disney+ coming to Amazon, LG and Samsung for streaming in Europe

Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, began the company’s quarterly earnings. He calls it the biggest business initiative in his 45 years service. The company is now going to launch Disney+. The streaming of the subscription platform will go live in the U.S along with some other territories on 12th November.

Disney+ coming to Amazon, LG and Samsung for streaming in Europe

The channel is going to stream in other Western European counties and in the U.K on 31st March 2020. The key countries in which the launch is going to happen are Spain, France, Italy, and Germany. The launch will see some famous series online in the U.K and other European countries.

The shows include “The Simpson” (all the 30 seasons), shows from the Disney vault, and other 7,500 episodes of other shows. There will also be 500 movies in the launch. In 2025 there will be 10,000 shows and 620 movies.

The Collaboration

The forecast by the company suggests that there will be 60-90 million subscribers by 2024. The CEO also release that they are in collaboration with Samsung, LG smart TV’s, and Amazon and its fire devices. On the launch day, the CEO also says that subscribers can access it with Apple, Roku, Microsoft, and Google.

Disney+ coming to Amazon, LG and Samsung for streaming in Europe

He has currently declined the offers of any indication of presale at the time. But the presales agenda first came front at the D23 fan event in August. He confirms that Fox searchlight and Fox will have separate homes on Hulu staring from next year in March.

With the shows that are currently running on Hulu, there will also be new shows from Disney+ originals. He also says that after 5 years from its launch, the company will provide new content to the subscribers. The content list includes 60 originals movies, exclusive series, and specials every year.

The CEO says that they have been working on it for a long time and want to give its viewers an extraordinary experience. But the company is confident that this step will help the company’s revenue a lot and also excite the subscribers. But the fans are really happy that now they will get to see new content from Disney. The Disney+ platform is going to be the first step of the company in streaming online series and movies.