Devontae out from Lakers

The team of Lakers needs to be cut short. The team can only have a squad of 15 players. Devontae Cacok has not made it in the team and is out of the door. The Los Angeles Lakers have declared that they have cut Cacok along with another teammate Demetrius Jackson. The new rules of the NBA only allow 15 players for the season in a single team. Fourteen of the player in Lakers have guaranteed contracts. The only non-guaranteed contract is of Dwight Howard. But, as there can be two players with two-way contracts, the contract of Dwight is also included.

The Lakers had 20 players in their squad before this season. They need to cut off five players to make it 15 players. The Lakers are cutting down these players so that they can skip giving salaries to them. Besides cutting these players off means, the team can now clear waivers. The team will be ready with their 15 man squad before the start of the season.

Numbers of Dovontae

At his time at the Lakers Dovonate was very good. He had 10.2 points average and rebound were 5.2 when he was shooting 60.5 percent in six games. Dovante was dropping points to be exact. It was 16 points. He was at ten rebounds after 35 min of the final game of the preseason. He will now most likely play at South Bay Lakers. Jackson was also cut off from the team. He also gave good performances in the preseason games. He was averaging 6.5 points to match with his 40 per shooting. The entire performance was in 17.6 minutes of game time in each match.

More news on who will join the South Bay Lakers is still to come. There can be other additions also apart from the names that are already out. The most common names that everyone is talking about are Zack and Kostas. They can also join the team of South Bay Lakers. Talen Horton may also be performing very soon this year.