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Desperate Attempts of A Singer Results In “Unnatural” Bum

A singer reveals how her desperate attempts to get a cheap “butt” lift made her have an “unnatural” bum. The story is about Sophie Elise, who is a singer from Oslo, Norway. She explains in her blog how she deeply regrets her decision to undergo the butt lift procedure. The singer was only 19 during this time. The singer further explains that she is currently traveling to Los Angeles to get her procedure reversed.

The Disaster

Sophie was only 19 when she traveled to Turkey to undergo a desperate attempt of a butt lift. The major attraction of this procedure was its “cheap” rates. However, the end results made her look “cheap” instead. She deeply explains her regrets about this procedure. Sophie is a YouTube star, and she has almost 400k flowers on Instagram.

After this “shocking” experience, she finally opens up about her regrets about this procedure. She mentions she was never given any consultation on this method but still went on with it. The social media star recommends to her followers that her “unnatural” look should be an inspiration and “wake up call.” She suggests her followers not to fall prey to the hands of “cheap” options.

The Aftermath

Sophie, in the midst of her desperation, now regrets her attempts. She says that she is tired of having a body that does not look natural. The singer further mentions that she did not think about consistency and never pictured herself 50 years later. The social media star mentions that being older now has imbibed maturity. She now makes decisions and choices which are practical. Be it physical or mental, and she decides to live by her choices forever.

Sophie has also undergone breast reduction recently. She mentions this by saying that “cheap options are not always durable.” The actress has been pretty open about her surgeries before but recently decided not to drag her fans into it. She says she will, from now on, keep all these procedures extremely private and to herself. There will be no before and after pictures. There will be no explanation of the pain and procedure whatsoever.

People die from such plastic surgeries. The British Association Of Plastic Surgeons recommends abstaining from such procedures. They say that almost 3000 of the people who follow these surgeries ultimately dies.