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Demi Lovato’s Leaked Nudes. Snapchat Hacked!

The Snapchat account of the Pops star singer Demi Lovato was reported to be hacked, and her private nude photos were circulated online. This singer has been in the music industry for quite a few years now. The songwriter and singer have risen into popularity as early as in her teen years. She has managed to give several hits, thereby making her position. She has overcome a lot of struggles, but it seems that problems just do not end for this “Solo” singer.

Leaked Nudes

The Lovato fandom was the first to notice something unusual on her Snapchat page. They found a weird statement that said, “Join the Discord server for nudes”. Within seconds of this upload, her nudes bombarded her entire Snapchat account. This action angered the fans, and they blasted on Twitter, posting several comments on Demi’s defense. There were several nude photos that were presumed to be of her. However, the images did not stay on her account for long. They were immediately deleted by her team once they regained control over her Snapchat account. Whether the images are real or fake is not known. But one thing is known for sure, and that is Demi has some really loving and supporting fans.

Who Were The Hackers

The hackers were the same group of people who were taken into account for hacking the account of Twitter’s CEO John Dorsey. As per The Blast, they were the same bunch of people who got hold of Lovato’s account. They have been linked before to the leaking of nude photos of Chloe Grace Mortez. Whether or not Demi has reported this cybercrime to the law department is yet unclear. However, the situation was instantly handled.

The post came in at a moment when she was mourning the death of her very close friend. She posted about this on social media saying, “Addiction Is Not A Joke.” Given that her condition was already miserable, she was traumatized by this post. Knowing that the musician has always struggled with her body, it was a pretty mean thing to do. However, this was not the first time that something like this happened to her. The 27-year-old singer already went through this before in 2017.