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Demi Lovato Victimized As her Nude Photos Got Leaked

Demi Lovato, the Popular singer, actor and songwriter got victimized of cyber crime. This was due to a massive hack of her Snapchat account. After giving several hits and marking her presence in the English music industry, it is really shameful that something like this happened to her. However this was not the first time that anything like this happened to her. She already faced this kind of situation back in 2017.

Source: Instagram

The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer has been pretty open and transparent about her life and her struggles. She has always been brutally honest with her fans and this is one thing that is extremely liked by her fans. Her fans really got pissed and frustrated when they found her leaked nude photos on Snapchat and immediately jumped to her defense. This successful singer got her private photos leaked and she happened to appear on several pornographic sites. This huge event happened on Thursday Night and took the entire Lovato fandom by storm.

The Hacker

The hacker apparently happen to post a link to a “Discord” server and urged the viewers to sign up for view the nudes. With seconds of this upload her nudes got all over the internet. The hackers were identified to be the same bunch of people who were taken into account for hacking the account of Twitter’s CEO John Dorsey. This was confirmed as per the reports of The Blast. It were the fans who first noticed something inappropriate going on in her Snapchat account.

As soon as Lovato’s team got alerted about this grave situation they immediately took matters under control. They erased the images from her account when the regained control over it. These hackers have also been linked to the leaking of nude photos of Chloe Grace Mortez. There have also been several cases about nude photos getting leaked. Lovato just happens to fall prey to it.

Source: Instagram

Whether or not Demi has reported this cyber crime to the law department is yet unclear. However, the 27 year old was highly disturbed. No one deserves to be portrayed in such an unacceptable manner. According to her fans whether you like her not is not the point. But image shaming someone is not the way to get over it.