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Delhi is ringing Dangerbells – Pollution streak continuing from past three days and Expecting worst to come.

The world’s second-largest highly populated Capital city has prisoned in the hands of air pollution. Delhi’s 24 hours average of the AQI touched 427 on Thursday. This is a Conservative Streak of Severe air quality in Capital for the past three days.

After Breathing the cleanest air in September from the past four years, Delhi’s Air pollution back on its previous track. Central Pollution Control Board released a bulletin of the Air Quality Index (AQI). Thursday was the most polluted day in October this year.

Even the pollution is ringing Dangerbells, and we should be thankful that this was less hazardous than last year’s October. The average AQI in October 2018 was 285, but for 2019 it dropped to 239. AQI dropped by 46 points remains in 201-300, which Considered as ‘Poor’ status.

Thursday’s average of the AQI of the capital region touched 427. This makes Delhi’s air quality ‘severe’ consecutively for three days. According to the CPCB, An AQI above 400 ‘can affect healthy people and seriously impact those with existing diseases.’

Thirty-two flights were diverted from Delhi airport today due to low visibility caused by pollution. An Air India official said, “Due to bad weather, flight operations affected since 9 am in T3 airport (Delhi). Twelve flights were diverted to Jaipur, Amritsar, and Lucknow.”

Image Credits @IndiaToday #DIU