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Delhi has turned into ‘Gas Chamber’ due to High Air Pollution, declares a public health emergency.

The capital of India, Delhi-NCR under publish health emergency Image Source: Google

Air pollution is one of the major concerns of the world nowadays. It is increasing day by day, and there seems to be no limit. With the increase in vehicles and transportation facilities, there seem to be no control measures of this concerning issue. Talking about India’s capital, the quality of air in Delhi is quite ‘severe.’ Both Delhi and NCR seem to remain above the 600 marks, which are not considered well at all.

The Aggravating situation

Schools remain close for extreme Air Pollution Image Source: Google

Air Pollution in Delhi-NCR is going to be the same for the next couple of days. It is likely to show improvement after a few days. Delhi, along with its adjoining areas, experience some light rains this Sunday. There has also been an increase in the wind speed on the evening of Saturday, which follows with shower on Sunday.

The rain came as a relief to the residents of Delhi. But nonetheless, the quality of life remains the same. There seems to be no change in the environmental factors which can help the people breathe easier. Two days before the light rain Delhi-NCR records its work number of air quality. This forces the authorities to close down schools. It also put a ban on activities related to construction. The authorities also made an alert declaring the situation as an emergency of public health.

Air Quality Index of Delhi Image Source: Google

The Air Quality Index was recorded as 447 as of 5:30 am. The index score between 400-500 is considered as “severe,” and above it is a case of “emergency.” The residents of Delhi experiences a hazy Sunday morning. It has a layer of smog covering the natural atmosphere. Delhi is still under a public emergency due to its terrible records on Friday.

A thick layer of smog Image Source: Google

The toxic air of Delhi-NCR has also brought into practice the Odd-Even system once again. The schools remain closed till 5 November. The condition of the capital is severe, and no one knows when it is going to get better. The lives are at risk and Delhi-NCR demands for safe air to breathe.