Debunking Misconceptions And Myths About Breast Cancer

We all are aware of breast cancer. It is the most widespread ailment found in women. But what we are not aware of is that most of our conceptions are a myth. Reports show that most woman’s conceptions about breast cancer are a myth.

The Big Disclosure

Dr. Max Gomez of CBS2 debunks some very common myths about breast cancer. Starting off with something which is not a myth anymore is ‘mammography.’ As the revelation is already done, the process of mammography is not ideal for identifying breast cancer. It might not be perfect, but there are certain improvements going on with this procedure. And as per the gold standard, it has shown certain improvements in its 3D light for detecting breast cancer.

Another myth which holds its roots in woman’s minds is that breast cancer appears as a lump always. Well, this is not always true. As per Dr. Elsia Port, “Breast cancer can appear as a nipple discharge.” The Dublin Breast Center’s director continues to say, “it can appear as the inversion of the nipple or as dimplings on the skin. It can also appear as rashes or skin changes on the breast”.

Some Confusing Myths

Another myth is about using deodorants or wearing wired bras. Most women believe incorporating these two in daily life can put one at risk of breast cancer. However, doctors of CBS2 say that there is absolutely no connection between bras or deodorants and breast cancer.

One of the myths says that older women are more at risk of breast cancer. Well, this is not entirely true. Dr. Port says, “75% of the breast cancer happen in women above 50. However, it can happen in women of any age and at any time”.

Women also believe that if they lead a healthy lifestyle, they are safe. Some even believe that if they have no prior family history of this disease, then they are safe. Weel, this is not true either. Elsia Port says, “Most of the women who have breast cancer generally have no family history. They have no risk factors and lead a healthy lifestyle.”

The final myth is that all breast cancers are the same. Well, we can all identify breast cancer from other diseases. But what we need to know that there are certain differences between breast cancers as well. There are different types, and they all require different treatments