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Death Stranding Trailer Launched: Unsolved mysteries and so many questions left behind

Finally, the launch trailer for Death Stranding has arrived. It further provides the best look of the brilliant game with a mysterious story that we have had so far. So much was expected it might be a bit spoilers for the fans.

The Trailer

This trailer of video game is having a length more than seven minutes in length. It takes a very deeper dive to get the premise of Death Stranding which is offering a way better look to broadcast characters of the game. But there are many users sitting online and they clearly are saying about this trailer is very much spoiler-y.

We are going to see Higgs and Die-Hardman without any mask, for the very first time, and we are going to get a better understanding of Sam’s mission. It has too many clips of very different things like anyone up for handling a flying breatless whale monster. A tall woman like one hundred feet will also be there.


Image Source :IGN

Gamers are hoping to go into this Death Stranding with a completely clean. They further have no idea about the story. This trailer must not watch because it is giving many hints. Death Stranding for PS4 will available on November 8, 2019. For PC Gamers they will take time to launch and this game may launch around 2020 January.

This game must be played to know the story and those mysteries left by developers in the trailer. As this week is going to give a tight schedule to all gamers so we can easily say that this game is going to face many challenges as new fish are already swimming the gaming trade pond. The competition is going to set for the game, but the trailer is telling us a completely different story about the upcoming races. Whether this is going to fight with the trade, we’ll see further updates in a trade war.