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David Simon Blasts The Press For Treatment Of James Franco Sexual Misconduct Claims

David Simon, creator of “The Deuce,” finally opens up on the allegations about sexual misconduct. These allegations revolve around James Franco. Simon calls out the journalism mechanism to be a part of the process. As per reports, James Franco, who is currently 41, was a receiver of his first share of accusations in 2018. Reports say that Franco has a behavior that is “inappropriate” and “sexually exploitative.” This incident was of the time when he won the Golden Globe Award for best actor. He was a receiver of this award for his role in “The Disaster Artist.” Franco, however, denies all the accusations.

Is It True?

Shortly after the denial, the Los Angeles Times publishes an article that records statements of five different women. The article focuses mainly on Franco’s 4 Film studio and its previous students. These students accuse Franco of several forms of sexual misconduct. These allegations, however, took a legal turn at the beginning of this month. These students say that Franco, along with partners, “engaged in several inappropriate and sexually charged behavior towards female students. They use to sexualize them by using their power as a teacher and an employer. They used to dangle the opportunity for roles in their projects”.

In light of these increasingly heating events, David Simon blasts out at the media for covering the story in such an unprofessional manner. He asks the media why they did not draw a clear line between the accused and the #MeToo abusers. As per the reports of Rolling Stone, Simon says, “It was very disappointing to know how this thing was played.” He further says, “James Franco did not use his position or status to have sex with anyone. There is no case of that. He did not try to solicit sexual favor from anyone”.

In the lawsuit that was recently filed against Simon, there were also indications about him filming sex scenes at his studio. The lawsuit claims that Simon used to film these sex scenes in his class. He did this so that he can “review the material later.” They further claim that the students did not have any nudity protections, and they were denied any guidelines of the film industry. These guidelines mention the treatment and portrayal of actors in the nude scenes.