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Couple’s recreating Pinterest picture of engagement photoshoot goes wrong and viral

A humorous engagement photoshoot of a couple got spread when they tried to recreate a nice Pinterest snap but failed miserably. Collin Hewett (23) and Alyssa Snodsmith (24) first met one another at the Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois, where they both them played soccer.

After dating for almost three and a half years, Collin has finally proposed Alyssa to marry him on a bridge in August.

Couple's recreating Pinterest picture of engagement photoshoot goes wrong and viral.
The couple’s hilarious photo has gone viral (Image: Facebook)

The Lovebirds have decided their wedding planner to be in June 2020, and in a very bid to channelize some special save the date cards, and they have also structured a photoshoot with one of their dearest friends, Chandler Lefever.

Alyssa Snodsmith found a Pinterest pic that she needed to recreate. The pic showed an amicable couple with the guy pouring Champagne in the woman’s mouth.

When the duo tried it in their version, it failed dramatically, with Collin pouring Champagne almost everywhere on his partner’s face and shirt. Her shocked expression is captured in a perfect shot that has gone viral all over Twitter.

“So Alyssa and I took our engagement pic’s the day before. She found a Pinterest pic that she wanted to try and recreate,” fiancé Collin Hewett wrote in the tweet. I botched it.”

“Well, we have found the right angle, but I did not find the right one with the bottle,” – Collin added. “I was super hesitant, and then somehow it started just to dribble out the end.

So I have over adjusted.” Thankfully, Alyssa had bought one extra pair of clothes, so they were able to continue the photoshoot. “We were dying laughing so very hard,” says Alyssa.

“One of our photographers fell on his butt because he was laughing so very hard that he fell on his butt. He somehow managed to snap some pictures of us still.”

The Twitter users, who were always a fan of these candid pics, have retweeted them as many as 56,000 times.

A user twitted, “Awe…. Adorable aren’t they, and you must put all those on the wedding invitation.” While another user twitted, that photo had made him laugh, and he wishes the lovebirds a happy married life.