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Christmas 2019: 25 Things You Should Know About Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

Christmas is lurking just around the corner. And with fall setting in, we all are feeling the emotions of Christmas already. Talking of Christmas, there is one song that gets you to the real festive mood every time you listen to it. This song is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

This song of Christmas is truly universal, and as we celebrate its 25th birthday, we are about to disclose some facts. Here are 25 things that you did not know and should know about the most popular Christmas song.

This song took only 15 minutes

Mariah, with Walter Afansief, her co-writer, composes this song in only 15 minutes. They prepare everything from the structure to the chord of the song in literally no time.

Her annoying relatives inspires the lyrics sometimes

Mariah did not have a very great Christmas experience as a kid. She barely had any money to celebrate. This is what inspires the lyrics of the song. She says, “growing up with no money was difficult. As a kid, I always wanted to have a festive Christmas. And somehow my relatives would ruin it every year”.

Walter was not a fan at first

Walter reveals he did not like the song lyrics at first. He says, “I thought it was too simple, and I did not like it.” But later, he realized that it is this simple melody, which makes it so popular.

Mariah’s vocals did not intrigue him

Now, this might come as a shock because, honestly, who does not love Mariah’s vocals. Walter says, “it sounds like someone is practicing voice scales.” But he is happy that Mariah continues to do what she does best and how the song turns out to be simply amazing.

The roots of the song are the 60s

This song took its inspiration from the production techniques of Phil Spector’s “Wall Of Sound” it also kept in mind the girl bands during that time like The Crystals and The Ronettes.

Mariah recorded this song in her Manhattan Home

The first session was done in California, but the final jam was done in her home. All the instruments and picturization was dome right in her home at upstate New York.

Mariah got into the festive mood first

She decorated her house with Christmas trees and lights before the recording of this song. She wanted to get into the festive mood.

The song is beautiful but sad

Despite the upbeat tempo, it is a sad song. Davina Kotulski, a life coach, says, “it reflects our childish desires to fulfill all our wishes, and in reality, not all of them come true.”

It did not acquire the top spot

When it was originally released in 1994, it did not acquire the top spot. The top spot was taken by a certain boyband East 17′s Stay Another Day.

Maria’s ex-husband dresses up as Santa Claus

The Santa in the music video was Mariah’s current husband at that time. Three years later, of this video, the couple separated.

The song still markets

The song manages to sell almost 16 million records worldwide.

The accomplishment is huge

It is till now the best selling 11th single of all times.

Mariah could plan on royalty retirement

After the release of the song in 1994, the song has bagged $60 million royalties ever since.

It still keeps ‘gold-digging.’

The song still makes money, and it takes almost royalties of 3 million every year.

The ‘Goat’ theory

This song is not only loved by humans, but according to a goat farmer in Britain, his goats produce more milk when they listen to this song.

The song has many covers

The biggest popstars of the music industry have made covers of this song, including recent times superstars Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande.

Mariah re-recorded it

In 2011 Mariah recorded this song again with Justin Beiber. This was for Justin’s “Mistletoe” album.

It has an ‘all-star’ version

Mariah sings this song in the carpool Karaoke of James Corden IN 2016. The song features many other superstars in it.

It is a certified festive hit

As per iHeartRadio, this song has 50-50 listeners in terms of males and females.

The song is very much alive

This song makes it to the Top 40 chart of the UK ever since 2007.

It is a global hit

This song not only ranked in the US and UK charts but also in other countries of the world.

It scored number 2 thrice

In the US charts, this song made it to the number two position in 1994, 2017, and 2018.

Mariah can make it to US Charts this year with the fans support

It reaches to top three this January, and if the fans support her, this song might be her 19th chart-topper songs.

This song is on fire on Christmas Eve

This song reaches its peak during Christmas eve. It became the most streamed song last year.

This year you will hear this song even more

Mariah has collaborated with Walker Chips, and she will be featuring in their Christmas Campaign this year.