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Chris Evans will Back As Captain America or Not, here is the answer

Chris Evans will Back As Captain America or Not
Chris Evans will Back As Captain America or Not

Captain America is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters with Marvel Universe. Among all others, Chris Evans has earned quite a decent spot and he says he will never refuse to come back as Captain America. Evans features the role of Captain America in 11 Marvel movies. He, however, gave his concluding scene in Avengers: Endgame in 2019.

Chris Evans will Back As Captain America or Not
Chris Evans will Back As Captain America or Not. image: google

Not a Strict “No” Neither An Eager “Yes”

Black Widow a.k. A Scarlett Johansson asks Chris if he would eve come back to Marvel Avengers. Evans first jokingly responds by saying that Captain is an old man now after Endgame. But on a serious note, he says, “It is not a strict No and not an eager yes either. I love the character and I believe in never say never. Captain says recovery is not the same every time I get up it is hard to make everything fall into place.

Evans mentions that playing Captain America is quite tricky. It requires too much dedication and moreover, he has other projects to work on. He says that jumping right back into the franchise just because the fans want it is not right. There are several factors that come into play like what are we revealing or trying to add to the story. Captain further says that he is quite grateful that the directors allowed Captain America to complete his journey.

Chris Evans will Back As Captain America or Not

The Knack For Directing

Chris Evans has his hands currently full of “Knives Out”. He says that he always has a passion for directing but he is rather afraid. He says it is really tough to find good material and write about something important. He further mentions that there is no subject in this entire universe that has not been touched upon yet. Chris, however, makes his debut as a director in 2014. He also stars in the film “Before We Go” along with Alice Eve. This is a romantic movie and it is counted as some of the best romantic movies.

Chris Evans wants to direct films that have meaning and purpose. He fascinates with the Buddhist philosophy and believes that culture has a lot of revelations that can help humanity. He wants to find a concept that can touch human lives and can relate to people. He wants to address the concept of love, joy, and purpose of life. But despite mentioning all these he says he really has no writing skills so he is not in a practical hunt for subjects.