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Chewbacca Actor Was Shocked By Wookiee’s Fake Death Scene

Chewbacca Actor Was Shocked By Wookiee’s Fake Death Scene-Trending Clicks

Chewbacca Actor Was Shocked By Wookiee’s Fake Death Scene. Chewbacca actor Joonas Suotamo says he didn’t trust his character’s faux death in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. During the primary group’s venture to Pasaana, Chewie is captured through the First Order and taken aboard shipping. In an effort to keep the Wookiee, Rey uses the Force to carry the deliver lower back to the planet’s surface. However, Kylo Ren wrestles for manage of the shipping with Rey. Forcing Rey to exert herself greater than she ever has before. Tapping into her strength, Rey by accident fires Force lightning. This destroys the delivery and reputedly killing one among her nice friends.

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The Shocking Moment of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Though it’s presented as a shocking moment within the film, audiences slightly had a possibility to grieve Chewbacca’s dying. Mere moments after the shipping scene, it is revealed Chewie became on another deliver all along and is still alive. Fans have been relieved to see the loved Wookiee had averted a grisly fate. There had been probably those who notion Chewie wasn’t so lucky. For his part, Suotamo constantly knew Chewie hadn’t met his end.

Chewbacca Actor Was Shocked By Wookiee’s Fake Death Scene-Trending Clicks

Speaking with THR approximately his years-long journey playing Chewbacca over the route of four Star Wars movies within the Disney era, Suotamo shared his response to Chewie’s “death” scene when analyzing the script. While the actor usually had faith, his spouse wasn’t so sure.

“I became pretty shocked, but I was confident Chewie might pull through. I did get some worried seems from my wife at that point.”

The Pasaana Collection

The Pasaana collection serves as one in all Rise of Skywalker’s few teases concerning Rey’s actual heritage. Illustrating the dark side is in her blood and she may be a chance to those around her if she loses manipulate. That factor of the scene turned into effective. However, some had problems with director J.J. Abrams arguably taking the clean manner out. He was skirting across the real, serious outcomes of Rey’s actions. People are glad that Chewbacca survives. Although a case can be made this scene might have been extra impactful if the Wookiee’s death changed into permanent. The Rise of Skywalker overuses the faux dying trope. Chewie is the most exquisite example, undercutting what might have been very poignant scenes.

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It’s clean to understand why Suotamo would be stunned studying over the script. Enthusiasts who accompanied the Rise of Skywalker marketing campaign knew Chewie’s death wasn’t going to stick. Trailers for the film covered a scene where the Wookiee flies the Millennium Falcon along with his old pal Lando Calrissian. Basically spoiling the movie’s twist. Obviously, there are several instances of trailers consisting of shots now not featured in the finished product. That was a very prominent photo that stuck out in the eyes of audiences. Perhaps if Abrams and employer wanted to offer the illusion Chewie turned into going to die, they could have used something different within the trailers.