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Check out the most popular and horror Halloween movies in every state.

Popular Horror movies in different states

The Halloween festival just recently went over. In this year’s Halloween, we got to see a lot of bizarre outfits. The outfits in this year’s Halloween were really amazing. The costumes of celebrities and people, in general, were outstanding. But, with Halloween, everyone wants to watch scary movies with their friends and family. Obviously, there are some classic movies that people always watch at this time of the year. With everyone’s choice being different from one another, so let’s see which movie is the most loved movie in each state. These are the best and most-watched movies in the state, and you will easily find some classic horror movies on the list.

The List

The best horror movie so far is “The Ring.” It is not the scariest movie o the list. But it is one of the classic horror movies that people still love. It is a type of movie that you would find in anyone’s horror movie list. The only thing about the series is the repetition of the same storyline. The story is always the same, with only a few little changes. The other movie that is very close to “The Ring” is “Silence of the Lambs.” It is one of the oldest classic horror movies. But, for many, it is not a horror movie but an amazing thriller.

The only small parts of horror are there in the movies. The entire movie is not based on a scary theme but on suspense and thriller. One of the other movies on the list is “The Shinning” is one of the top choices in the Colorado area. One of the most loved movies is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In Hawaii, this is the best-voted movie. People still love this classic horror movie and enjoy it a lot. But, in Vermont, the most loved movie is “Cabin in the woods.” This is the most-watched movie in the area, and people really love this horror classic movie. All the movies on the list are all classic horror movies. But, the best movie that most of the people love to watch in Halloween is “Scream.”