Character Breakdown Of “Black Widow” in Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Character Breakdown Of “Black Widow” in Marvel: Crisis Protocol

The character of Black Widow is going to be very defensive in “Marvel: Crisis Protocol”. Her character will excel at moving across the battlefield. This is a relatively new game that is developed by Atomic Mass Games. It features some of the greatest Marvel characters and superheroes. The game will also have villains from the Marvel universe.

The players will be able to mix and match their villains and superheroes for any battle. Players can score victory points by completing tasks. Points also mean that movement and positioning are the vital parts of the game. The higher you are on the points table, the safer you will be.

The Defensive Qualities

Black Widow is a defensive character. Her arsenal includes a Counterstrike. This superpower requires two powers to become active. Black Widow can roll four dice and make the number of damages equal to the number of successes. She is the fastest character from the entire set as she an “L” shaped movement. She also has Stealth Ability. This means that no player can target her unless they are within a 3 km radius.

Character Breakdown Of “Black Widow” in Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Another persistent ability of Black Widow is Martial Arts. With this, she can count blank rolls as successes while being attacked from a 2km range. These abilities mean that Black Widow has a very interesting defence skill set and cannot be attacked from a distance. Whenever she is attacked, she can potentially dish out a lot of damage.

The Offensive Qualities

The offensive skill set of this character is, however limited. A strike is her strongest attack. It is an energy attack that can generate and remove power from her opponent. Most of the characters in this game have low Energy Defense. This means that the Black Widow can cause a lot of damage, and she can drain power from others.

Character Breakdown Of “Black Widow” in Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Her other attacking power is the Mixed Technique. This means that she can stagger her opponent by costing them an attack in their next activation. She can make an “S” shaped movement while using this technique. This means that she can get herself out of range while attacks.

The character, however, cannot defeat many characters, but her qualities can keep her alive for a long time. She can hinder and pester opponents on the battlefield to complete objectives.