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Challenge: “What My Salary Gets Me” 34 year Lady of Sydney on her salary of $144,000

Mamamia’s What My Salary Gets Me inquires Australians to document a week in their financial existence. Kind of like a sex journal but with money. So not like a sex journal at all. We still discover the best-kept mysteries, though.

We find what women are spending their hard-earned money on. Nothing is too horrible or too religious. This week, a 34-year-old tuition worker from Lane Cove, NSW, parcels her diary.

Age: 34

Occupation: Education consultant.

Salary: $144,000 yearly, and my husband receives $105,000 (not comprising our super or firm car entitlements for my husband). We share our finances, so both revenues go into joint accounts, and we utilize that for all expenses.

Housing: Leasing a three-bedroom flat in Sydney (approximately 9km from the CBD), and are wishing to buy a property to reside in within the following two years.

Regular expenses (weekly):

Rent: $640

Internet: $15

Netflix: $5 (family sharing, we reimburse for Netflix, my sister compensates for Stan)

Phone: $15

Cleaners: $70

Childcare: $892 after reimbursement (we possess two kids)

Utilities: We set apart $70 a fortnight so that when the bill arrives, we are not surprised.

Savings: We (well my husband conserves it, but I happily pursue it and have comparable input) keep a very detailed spreadsheet of all our expenditures and allocate enough every fortnight to wrap known expenses (car rego, securities, electricity, hair appointments, childcare, trip, pretty much any ongoing payment we know about). We possess around $40,000 sitting in our bank accounts right now, offset against our loans.

We divide $1265 a fortnight from our wage to share to cover general spending expenses e.g. groceries, meals out, wine, recreation, etc. for the four of us. Everything else gets on on our credit card so we can trace our spending habits, which we bribe in full each month.