Celebs who damaged their careers with plastic surgery

Celebs who damaged their careers with plastic surgery

A current investigation by USA TODAY and the Naples Daily News has discovered a plastic surgery clinic in Miami, and an available facility overseen by a similar doctor lost eight patients over the prior six years, a spate of fatalities not discerned anywhere else in Florida.

But the threats of plastic surgery are not restricted to the factory-like surgery centre in Miami. For many years, A-listers and wannabe A-listers have doled out various of dollars for top surgeries, and some have undergone dangerous effects as a result.

In current years, celebrities like Sharon Osbourne, Heidi Montag, and Yolanda Hadid have evolved vocal about the duration they went to with their decorative procedures and the modifications of their plastic surgeries.

Here are various of the most outstanding celebrity plastic surgery

Heidi Montag

When Montag went into the knife, she did not just get a single procedure done. “The Hills” celebrity had ten methods in one day in 2010.

CBS News


Yolanda Hadid

The retired “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star has opened up about how her war Lyme disease effected her to remove her implants and melt her fillers in an attempt to find the root of her illness.


Hollywood Life

Sharon Osbourne

Osbourne has always been truthful about the procedures she has had done, indicating details in her 2013 book, “Unbreakable.”

Page Six


Jennifer Grey

While many understand Grey from her starring part in “Dirty Dancing,” a nose job altered her life.

CBS News


Courteney Cox

The retired “Friends” star said she melted all the injectable fillers that she possessed in her face.



Reid Ewing

Ewing opened up about utilising plastic surgery to bear with his body dysmorphia in an article for HuffPost.

The “Modern Family” celebrity said that he first went through the knife in 2008, persuaded that he “would unexpectedly look like Brad Pitt” post-surgery.



Dana Delany

Delany opened up regarding a botched botox job she encountered.

“Something nobody ever chats about is doctor omission,” the “Desperate Housewives” celebrity said in a 2010 meeting with Prevention.