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Cardi B Will Join The Action Of “Fast And Furious”

Cardi B has officially joined the family of Fast And Furious. Vin Diesel shared on his Instagram a video of himself and the rapper. Cardi B, who is 27, has been a part of the cast of the ninth sequel of this massive franchise. The role of Cardi B is rather a small and mysterious one. There are no revelations, however, about her purpose in the movie.

The Video

Vin Diesel shared the video with the rapper from the sets itself. He mentions, “Day 86 on the sets of Fast And Furious 9”. Cardi further mentions, “I am tired. We all are. But we all have given our all our everything go to this movie. We have put all our cards on the table”. The news of the casting of Cardi B comes immediately after the day of the announcement of Ozuna joining the cast. The release date of Fast and Furious nine is kept as May 22, 2020.

It looks like Cardi quite enjoyed her stay in Hollywood the last time she made her debut. This time she is back again with another movie offer. And this time, it is the maestro franchise of Fast and Furious.

The Franchise

Fast and Furious has released eight installments till now. The movie is all about action, friendship, love, and relationships. The movie is under the direction of Justin Lin. He already directed the 6th part of this franchise. There are several actors who will remain the same from the last installment, and there are many new signings as well. However, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham will not appear on this sequel, and this is bad news for the fans.

We are not sure if Cardi B’s contribution is going to purely musical or dramatically. But we are all excited to see the bombshell partner up with all the dynamic actors in action packed movie.