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Cardi B will be blessing the screens in Fast & Furious 9

Cardi B, a pop singer, is now a part of the famous ongoing series of the ‘Fast & Furious.’ She is going to start in the upcoming movie ‘Fast & Furious 9’. Her role in the movie is not yet clear. This is going to be the first time that she will act in a movie. She has started before in the famous dram show ‘Hustlers.’ In that show, she was playing the role of the stripper Diamond. But this movie is going to be much bigger than that role in STX’s drama. The rapper is famous for her music all over the world and now might be more famous after this movie. Ludacris, who himself is a singer, has also been a part of this movie for a very long time.

Discloser of Cardi B

It was revealed by the start of the movie Vin Diesel. He uploads a post on his Instagram featuring Cardi B. In the post; they are on the U.K movie set. It was a video that Vin Diesel is sharing on his Instagram. You can view the video on his Instagram. Cardi B also said that she is tiring from all the shooting but can’t wait to begin. She was expressing that she feels this is going to be her best time with the crew. All of this was for the fans of Vin Diesel. This news spread like fire and was after the introduction of Ozuna. He is a Latin music artist, and one of the fastest-growing starts right now. It is also possible that he will feature in the movie as well as join the soundtrack group of the film.


Justin Lin, the former director of this ongoing series, is going to return. He was the director of ‘Fast & Furious 6’ with the main star Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel). The story is from Alfredo Botello and Lin. Dan Casey is the man who is going to run the screenplay. The other new members of the cast are John Cena, Anna Sawai, and Finn Cole. The movie is going to air on 20th May 2020.