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“Can Humans Cure Genetic Diseases? or Will It Lead To New Diseases? – Prime Editing a New Era In genetic Editing.

New Age Of Genetics Has Just Begun.
A New Era of Genetic Editing is Started and Named as Prime Editing – a Gene Editing That mutates the DNA which Can Cure Upto 89 genetic Disorders.
Gene Editing Is Mutating The DNA To Create New Genetic Type By Creating New Genetic Types By Mixing One Or Two Genes and Reducing Defects In Them
this is a Bleeding-edge Technology, and scientists are still researching on it.

Prime Editing is the latest Invention is gene editing that can support up to 12 various types of mutations in a single DNA base (“adenine, Cytosine, guanine or thymine” simply called as “A, C, G, T.” which is said to Cure Upto 75,000 genetic diseases. This Prime Editing is the latest version of “CRISPR – Cas9”.

This is also a kind of Genetic Editing that Currently in use. In this method, an Enzyme Named as ‘Cas9’ is mainly used.

Although it is a Successful method of Gene Editing, it also has some Drawbacks.
This method of editing genes may roll out of our hand and may cause uncontrollable Insertions or Deletions, which called ‘Indels.’

Due to this reason, scientists are Questioning that “Will Prime Editing Create UnIndelled Mutations ? or New Diseases?