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California Launches Nation’s First Early Earthquake Warning System

California launches its first early earthquake warning system statewide and is all set to use it. This thought came in because of the two earthquakes that completely rattled the bay at San Francisco. It was quite a necessary move because the citizens could use some security. The earthquakes occurred consecutively on Monday and Tuesday. California held its annual drill for an earthquake on the 17th of October, and the name of the drill was ShakeOut. The warning system will be an app because it is more convenient and easy to use. And also, it will be the first state in the nation to launch something like this.

The App

The earthquake warning system will avail itself to the citizens through a smartphone application. The app seems to have warning delivery methods and traditional alert systems. It uses the latest technology of WEA, which stands for Wireless Emergency alerts. The system will use sensors of ground motion from all over the state and will detect any earthquakes. The sensors will be active always. It will be able to detect the presence of an earthquake before it actually occurs and before the humans actually feel it. This app will provide fully automated notifications to all the Californians, and they will be able to “drop, hold on and take cover” beforehand.

The Government’s Call

On this activity, The legislature and the Governor seem to have made investments. They felt the gravity of the situation and decided to jump right in. They have provided financial help for proper planning and disaster management in California. The enacted budget of this year is $16.3 million, and it is used to fund the building process of the earthquake system. This app will provide warning signs seconds before the actual earthquake hits the ground. This warning will depend on the distance of the person from the point of the epicenter.

The app initially will provide alerts to people within the magnitude of 4.5. The engineers and seismologists have made it clear that the earthquake warning app is available for download. The app is available on both platforms i.e. iOS and Android . The delivery of the warnings will be through computerized programs, and it will analyze data from seismic technologies throughout California. This app will calculate preliminary magnitudes and will immediately estimate which areas will feel the tremors.