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Burger King’s Owner is dating a twenty-two-year-old woman, had met first when she was sixteen.

A twenty-two-year-old woman is dating her fifty-year-old boss, having when the duo met at Burger King once she was sixteen.

Kayana Vasque met her partner, Mike Krupka, at a store opening for Burger King Franchise in Minnesota, US.

Burger King's Owner Mike's with His 22-year-old Girlfriend
Burger King’s Owner Mike’s with His 22-year-old Girlfriend (Image: @northernvoyages/ Jam Press)

Initially, nothing happened between Mike and Kayana, who was sixteen at that time. The couple spent several hours in the fast-food corner, getting to know one another.

Unfortunately, they were placed at different branches. It was only after a break of four years they met each other.

“We met way before we started dating. He was my boss. I was sixteen when we met, but there was nothing terrible going on before I was an adult. Sharing time together, opening a store provides you a lot of time to get to know someone. You are the only two there, so you have to talk to each other, or it’sits calmly.

That made us end up a meeting outside of work, and eventually, it turned into a relationship. We have been together for two years and nine months,” says Kayana. She further added Mike had shown her how she should be treated when everybody treated severely.

Burger King's Owner with his girlfriend
(Image: @northernvoyages/ Jam Press)

However, Kayana’sKayana’s parents arena isn’t encouraging her relationship. She said that in many ways.

I was totally insecure before our relationship, and he has helped me improve so much. Still not perfect, but getting there.

It also helped me realize how judgemental people are and who to stay away from. Not everyone is supportive. I’mI’m the younger one, and obviously, my parents at first thought he’she’s just using me, trying to get something out of me.”