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Boruto Debuts His Own Sexy no Jutsu in New Episode

The next generation of Naruto has been announced as Boruto. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations had announced a special time travel scenario, which is celebrated on the Naruto franchise’s 20th Anniversary. The story started by this franchise is giving much fan-based theory, and a theory is given that the story would be a return to some of the series, which further re-create fan-favorite character.

The latest episode of the series has given into the full charge. This episode has already brought back fan favorites like Jiraiya back to the show. This episode made the return of the pervy sage, and this return has created a chaos in the original series, the Sexy no Jutsu, the Boruto proved that he could use the technique without any problem.

When Boruto and Sasuke were together finding and trying to prove they were just traveling performers to Tsunade. Sasuke had tasked Naruto and Jiraiya with spying on them. Jiraiya, in the beginning, refused and hoped they would be the pretty girls. It gives Boruto the idea to use the facial transformation technique. It’s a shadow considering Boruto never really used the Sexy no Jutsu before.

The lead character Boruto’s sexy transformation soon got Jiraiya’s approval, but it further irritated young Naruto. Naruto got angry at Boruto showing off, and Boruto kind of is. He has never implied that he could use this technique before. He later picked that up, but on top of this quick mastery of that move of his father’s old and danger moves, Boruto was much better at that move. His sexy transformation was more detailed that Naruto was used to be.

Although the incident is more reflective of the times that the Sexy no Jutsu is fully-clothed, it was also a good binder to how much more advanced Boruto was at the time Naruto was at his age. Naruto was not really gifted with a talent like Boruto always had, and this is why the younger Naruto is irritated from this too. But this duo manages to mend the boundaries later in the episode, and now following lovers will see how Boruto and Naruto will get together now because they’re the same age. There is still an opportunity for a double Sexy no Jutsu for the fans.