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‘Blanket Jackson’- Michael Jackson’s youngest son’s rare appearance at Halloween Party with siblings

image : billboard.com

Michael Jackson has 3 kids who are carrying his family name after his death in 2009; Paris Jackson, Prince, and Blanket Jackson. All of them have been in the public eye, but Blanket managed to stay away from media.

Blanket Makes a Rare Appearance

Blanket, now turned 17, made a rare appearance on his brother’s Instagram. He did not tag him, but the fans recognized him right away. It was a ‘Thriller Night’ costume party hosted by Prince, held at Jackson’s family estate. The Blanket was seen with his signature black, long hair, and he was wearing a Marvel T-shirt.

Paris followed her father in the show business, and Prince Jackson has also made public appearances. Blanket stayed away from the limelight to the point that it became news whenever he showed up to some event, and it would become a significant development in the celebrity world.

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He was also seen in the now-deleted Instagram post of her sister wishing him his 15th birthday in 2017.

He was seen in her sister’s Instagram post for Christmas, along with his brother and a family friend. He made headlines when he attended his brother’s college graduation.

The Blanket is informally known as Bigi or B.G. as he was bullied for his name growing up.

He attended a private school in Los Angeles and lived with an 87-year-old grandmother, Katherine Jackson. Katherine was his legal guardian after the death of his father. Last year she broke her legal guardianship for Blanket.

image : thesun.co.uk

The two brothers have launched a Youtube channel called Film Family to show them running down some latest theatrical releases.

It is nice to see that Blanket’s privacy has been respected, and he did not come in media until he wanted to. His siblings, who have been in the limelight, also respected his decision. They refrained from posting much of his pictures.