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Best Halloween Messages, SMS And WhatsApp Status 2019

Happy Halloween Image Source: Google

Halloween is officially here, and we are all excited for some fun and mystery. It is celebrated on the evening of 31 October, and it is always a fun night for some ‘Trick Or Treat.’ Halloween is known by several names such as All Hallows Eve or Allhalloween. People celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. They dress up in their favorite Halloween costumes and even trow several Halloween parties. Parties during this time usually have some spooky themes. People organize various kinds of events in their parties, which are all normally related to the theme of Halloween.

The Backdrop Of Halloween

Halloween and its rituals are believed to have originated during harvest festivals in ancient Celtic. As per the ancient norms, all Halloween activities should include trick or treating. This is the main essence of Halloween. The origination of Halloween dates back to 1745, and it is generally of a Christian Origin. It began only as a holiday for Christians. The other activities during Halloween include sharing scary stories, watching horror movies, pranking friends and family, going on adventures to haunted places, etc. everyone from kids to adults enjoys this fun and entertaining day with great joy.

Messages for Halloween

Happy Halloween Messages Image Source: Google

In addition to all these fun activities, people also share several Halloween messages to their friends and family. Messages during this time are also related to the theme of Halloween. Most users comprise messages themselves, while others download it. There are several sites where you can download nice and happy Halloween messages. People share Halloween messages to increase the popularity of the event. Here are some messages which you can share.

“I hope you find yourself comforted during these darkening days. Let the love shine from within you”.

“Beware of the dark, dark night. It is the one in which ghosts and insects appear to bite. Have a spooky Halloween 2019”.

Happy Halloween SMS

This is not an entirely new concept, and it was present since the oldest of times. With changing times, the mode of celebration also changes. And if you did not decide as to how you want to celebrate this day, here are some spooky SMS.

“Halloween is the best day to show your neighbors your normal side. So dress as scary as hell”.

“Between a twisted square and mangled hole, there is a ghoulpost waiting for you.”

WhatsApp Status

“I witch you a happy Halloween.”

“Hope you have a delightful, spooky and frightening experience this Halloween 2019”.