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Below Deck Season 8 Premiere Episode Review Click To Know

Below Deck Season 8
Below Deck Season 8

Below Deck Season 8 Updates: Well, we’re one episode into Season eight of Below Deck and there are already a whole lot of inquiries to be asked. Is Captain Lee ok? Is a deckhand leaving in the first 24 hours of the season a horrible omen? And maximum importantly, do yachts usually inventory up in this many condoms?

You need to scan each component possible. It’s crazy. However, we didn’t want that many. I mean, come on — that turned into a bit much.” It turned into a bit much! Which caused my subsequent question. I understand that is a huge boat. However, wherein do they even maintain that many condoms, are they simply strewn approximately at the visitor nightstands?

“We have a visitor toiletries cabinet wherein we’ve all of the restocking items,” Francesca dished. “I stored them in that due to the fact you don’t need to preempt or assume that that’s already going to happen. You suppose human beings could carry their personal, normally. You suppose, right? But if they didn’t, then they’d possibly question me discreetly and I should get them for them, no problem. No questions were asked, and no judgments. Because it’s their constitution. But no, they’re now no longer sprayed throughout all the nightstands. ‘Welcome to my  birthday celebration!’” she laughed.

The Plot Below Deck Season 8

Though this birthday celebration commenced off a chunk extra puzzling than maximum. Besides, Captain Lee turned into nowhere to be located at the boat as soon as the group commenced to arrive.

But Eddie Lucas defined it as adding “to the tension and the panic of seeking to examine an entirely new boat,” and Francesca agreed. “I’ve been thrown withinside the deep cease pretty lots in my profession and my paintings experience. It turned into a big surprise to now no longer have him there, mainly whilst Eddie is aware of him as well.

Below Deck Season 8
Below Deck Season 8

It turned into like, ‘Oh my god. What has happened? This is a disaster.’ I didn’t even understand it turned into gonna pass beforehand. Because he’s withinside the hospital, probably having an operation. It turned quite devastating that he wasn’t there initially.

But look, I’m so grateful and satisfied he’s okay. God, he’s so strong, isn’t he? To harm your ribs like that, after which to do an entire season in a lot ache.

He turned into in a whole lot of ache in the course of the complete season, it wasn’t simply initially. And with ribs as well, you can’t position them in a solid or something if they’re fractured or broken. It turned into very difficult. But I simply picked up and ran with it.

You’ve simply were given to wish for the best, and wish it’s alright. I couldn’t take a seat down around and wait. I turned into like, ‘There’s something to do.’”

The Review

And for Francesca, that something turned into proving herself withinside the position. She stocks in everyone’s love of former leader stew Kate Chastain and knew it’d be an adjustment period — inclusive of weathering returning constitution visitor Charley’s taken aback face whilst she delivered herself because of the chief of the interior. “He had chartered the yacht earlier than,” she explained.

“But I didn’t genuinely understand him either. It turned into simply like, ‘Let’s get thrown into this and let’s do it.’ But the primary day — it turned into a shitshow. It turned into crazy. That’s the only constitution that I possibly could now no longer need to relive again. But yeah, I suppose Charley and his visitors genuinely warmed as much as me a bit  later.”

But now no longer earlier than they presented to make their dang drinks! WTF? “I understand!” Francesca exclaimed, sharing in our collective horror. “So unnecessary. Just chill. Yeah, sure, look: any constitution visitor desires something yesterday.

You should suppose 10 steps beforehand. That’s fine, due to the fact I’m used to that. I get it. You’re paying a load of money, you need the entirety to be perfect. You need to should now no longer consider something, and it magically seems in front of you. I recognize that.

It’s simply the dynamic of the stewardesses, I suppose, turned into the mission there.” Oh, and something tells us there might be many extra demanding situations to return this season…