Basket cover by Shakira approved by Joe Armstrong

The pop makeover of the “Basket Cover” by Shakira is loved by the original makers. The singer and lead artist of the band Green Day loved the cover by Shakira. Joe Armstrong also showed love towards this cover by uploading a video of Shakira, where she covers the song. The video clip can be found here. In 1994 the band’s seminal launched the album “Dookie.” The album that was launched by Green Day in 1994 is now 25 years old. This album was the first major album of the band for a big label. This album went on to sell a record of 20 million-plus copies all over the world.

The Post

The pop singer Shakira posted a video of her on Twitter. This video showed her covering the rock classic by Green Day. In the post, she wrote that “Me, being a case of the basket with my producer.” If you also want to watch her video, you can watch it here. This clip only was seen and then again uploaded. This time it was uploaded by the original singer Joe Armstrong. He also gave a heart emoji of black color. This showed that the member of Green Day absolutely loved the cover. This was then reacted back by Shakira with love and thanks.

The Upcoming Shows

It was declared last month on September 26th that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira both will be performing at the Super Bowl. This performance will happen at the half time of the Super Bowl. Shakira and Lopez both have shared their feelings on social media, saying, “it’s going to happen.” The official sponsor of the Super Bowl, Pepsi, and NFL, later confirmed the news is making it clear for their fans.

On the other hand, Green Day also launched their new song “Fire, Ready, Aim.” This is their second song of the album “Father of All.” These will also be happening at the Nations Hockey League while broadcasting the game on Wednesday. The main launch of the album “father of All” will be next year on February 7th, 2020.