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An upset for EA’s Battlefield fans, Next game of series won’t launch this year.

Battlefield, the rivals of Call of Duty, has officially confirmed that they are not planning to launch another part of its series. A battlefield is also a first-person shooting game, which is a rival of the COD series. As the 5th part of the Battlefield series was released back in 2018 and fans were expecting the next episode of this game in 2019, but the developing team cleared all the rumors, which disappointed fans very much. The wait of fans will take a long, and they need to wait till 2022.

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Battlefield V: the Fiscal year 2022

Electronic Arts are famous for FIFA the football game. EA has launched almost every sports game, and soon they launched Battlefield series to fight with their rival Activision’s Call of Duty. Recently, Call of Duty launched an update and a version for android gaming. So fans were hoping a bang from EA, but they disappointed their fans by trashing all the rumors.
Battlefield IV gained distinctive fame for its a storyline, while it was a tight campaign game, but its story made an extraordinary place in gamers’ hearts. The male protagonist of the previous version stuck in a battle where he got affected by radiation during fighting with a terrorist. Though it is not looking that much alive in actual, this story created chaos in the market and took the gaming market to another level.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fought with EA’s FPS and tried to regain its marketplace back, but this time a new animal has entered the forest. This rivalry is fruitful for their fans because it is giving them more good games with great storylines, developed graphics, involving gameplay and indulging multiplayer interface.

Fans can further hope that in 2022, as EA has announced, they will get a bang with the story, gameplay, graphics, and multiplayer gaming.