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Amazon delivery boy caught telling customer “f***you” on doorbell camera

Amazon driver sacked after telling the customer “f*** you” via the doorbell camera.

Amazon driver is sacked for saying ‘f*** you’ to a customer through the buzzer camera. She was displeased by a delivery note left by the client.

It had a clear direction of taking a picture and marking the area where the parcel is kept while the camera was on. The pink Tshirt delivery driver swore and showed a middle finger while putting the package at the sill.

Chris Smith, who himself was a former Amazon delivery driver, found this sort of behavior to be very unprofessional and disrespectful. On Tuesday, he received a notification regarding somebody on his property in Texas.

She had placed the parcel on the doorstep and said, “Man, f*** you and your camera.” Chris later posted the footage into the social media while banging her for her unacceptable behavior.

Chris claimed that “I’m shocked. She was very disappointed, and I’ve never actually been through anything like that.

I’ve had people place packages in the wrong area or throw it over the gate, and it is breaking, but I’ve never actually been through someone disrespecting me, my home, and my packages in that manner.

I guess she was disappointed about the fact that I put the note on there. As you can see in the video she was cursing, she was mad, and she flicked my camera off.

I clicked on the notification link and watched her as she did it, and I was like, ‘this is unbelievable.”

According to Chris, this is uncalled for and extremely disrespectful. He believes that the notes from the customers could be frustrating at times; still, one should act professionally.