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Alibaba’s Annual Shopping Gala a hit with a performance by Taylor Swift

The shopping gala of Alibaba is a hit, as always. In last year’s annual gala, the company was successful in raising 30 billion from sales within 24 hours. This time Taylor Swift is going to perform at the event. The event is going to be next month in China. The famous pop artist is going to perform on 10th November in Shanghai’s Mercedes-Benz stadium. The performance is going to be on the evening of 10th November. Along with the performance of Taylor Swift, other famous artists are also going to perform. The famous pop start whom local fans love Hua Chenyu. The beautiful actress and songwriter G.E.M will also perform. Kan Hanzawa, who is a Japanese singer, will also be performing and also many other celebrities.

The other celebrities from the U.S who are sportsmen and move start also join the event. Previously celebrities like David Beckham, Scarlett Johansson, and Mariah Carey, etc. have come to this event. All the celebrities join in this event to popularize their brands to customers in China. The ongoing conflicts between the governments of both nations China and the U.S are hampering the chances of U.S celebrities. Most of the celebrities from the U.S are not so keen on joining at this time.

The Big Event

Alibaba E-commerce

Each year on 10th November, the Alibaba Gala event is broadcasted live in China. The show has everything to entertain its viewers. It has performances from a famous artist and also sales on their websites. The event has skits, guest appearances, and performances from local and international celebrities. Previously many stars like Kobe Bryant, Nicole Kidman, and Kevin spacey have done amazing performances. All of these performances and skits help the company to build up for their sale at midnight. The products that are on sale are of very low prices. The sale goes live in china and encourages viewers to buy amazing products. The drops in prices are one of the main attractions in the sale.

The event is a very big hit and very useful for the company. The event generates more than Cyber Monday, and Black Friday combined. This is a massive show in china that everyone looks forward to watching.