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A number of famous Hollywood celebrities are stripped off for charity campaigns

Charity is a very noble deed. But not many people can say that they do charity in their lives. It requires a lot of courage to do what some of the Hollywood celebrities did for charity. A number of celebrities got ready to pose naked for charity. It is very hard to do this when you are a celebrity. The pictures and images videos will be for the world to see. But, if you want to do something good, you should never think of anything else. A number of actors and actresses were posing naked for campaign and charity programs. It is a very generous act from them in helping these associations.

The number of celebrities

  1. Christina Applegate (Anti-Fur Campaign)
Christina Applegate (Anti-Fur Campaign)

In 2007 the very famous celebrity Christina Applegate was posing naked for a charity. But this was for raising awareness for PETA’s Antifur Campaign. The Ad was for encouraging people to not using animal fur anymore in their dresses.

  1. Dave Navarro (Animal killing Ad)
Dave Navarro (Animal killing Ad)

In 2013 the well-known star Dave Navarro was in the frame for an Ad to stop animal killing and testing. Besides that, the title of the Ad is “Animal Testing kills: choose Cruelty-free.” But in the Ad, Dave was sitting naked with only patches of blood in some body parts.

  1. Emma Watson (Natural Beauty)
Emma Watson (Natural Beauty)

This image of Emma Watson with a single piece of clothing is for her book. But the book is about environmental sustainability and degradation. The books became viral in the United States of America. The harry potter star was posing naked for the cover of the book. Besides that, the picture is taken by photographer James Houston.

  1. Mel B (Awareness against breast cancer)
Mel B (Awareness against breast cancer)

In 2012 Mel B was posing naked with her husband, Stephen Belafonte, for raising awareness against breast cancer. But this was a never noble gesture from the couple. These campaigns help people understand about breast cancer and also how to prevent it.

  1. Adam Levine (Ad for Everyman)
Adam Levine (Ad for Everyman)

The famous vocalist from the band “Maroon 5” also posed naked for a charity campaign. Adam Levine is a very famous vocalist from the band “Maroon 5”. But he has a huge fan base and is very humble. In this Ad, he was posing nude with other women to raise awareness against testicular cancer. The image was included in the UK edition.