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A $117 Million Settlement In Exchange Of Thousands Of American Women’s Lives

Johnson & Johnson Well-known For Their Baby Products Across The Globe and its subsidiary Ethicon Inc to pay nearly $117 million to Ohio And 41 American States Including District Of Colombia For Their Transvaginal Surgical Devices In A Multi-State Settlement Announced By Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost.

An investigation Conducted By The States Of US found that These companies violated state consumer protection laws By Hiding Their Product’s Complete Medical Risks Which Were Came To Light Lately.

“Transvaginal mesh is a synthetic material that is surgically implanted through the vagina to support the pelvic organs of women who suffer from stress urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse.”

After Implanting These meshes, Many Women Suffered From Bleeding And Pain. Resulted In Removing Of That Vaginal Mesh. For Some Cases, It Gone Upto Surgery For Removal.
Many Women In United States Claimed Up to $8 Billion From Various Companies That Sells These Kind Of Products Without Proper Guidelines.

In August, a judge ordered the J&J company to pay $572 million (later reduced by $107 million because of a miscalculation) to Oklahoma. For Indiana, It Is $4.4.
California Did Not Include In This Settlement As That State Took Johnson And Johnson To Court In This Summer By Demanding $800 Million.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost Stated That “Patients can’t make the best decision for their health unless they and their health care providers know all the pros and cons of a product.”