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200,000 people flee from California because of Wildfire intensify by Hurricane-force

Northern California is facing a wildfire disaster that is spreading rapidly due to hurricane winds. On Sunday, this burning massacre ignites as fire is getting powerful due to the winds of Hurricane. The fire is spreading all over the state and is stretching to thousands of acres. In between all of these incidents, a firefighter suffers from bad injuries while doing his duty. More than 200,000 people were evacuated from northern California. The fire spreading in the North San Francisco is so deadly that it injured two firefighters. One unlucky firefighter has serious burns and is quickly sent to the hospital through air support. All of these incidents were words by the assistant chief of CalFire Jonathan Cox.

The Disaster

Firefighters try to save a home on Tigertail Road on Oct. 28 in Los Angeles.

The speed of the force of the blowing winds is at 70 mph. The level of the Hurricane is category 1and the gusts of the winds blowing is at 100 mph. Wildfire is spreading rapidly, and the fire surface area grew bigger from Sunday afternoon to evening. The fire just keeps on spreading without any signs of slowing down as it is already covering 54,000 acres of land. The chances of containing this fire and getting it under control are dropping and reached 5 percent. Governor Gavin Newson is declaring this as a statewide emergency because the fires from this disaster are also affecting other states as well. The fire is destroying northern California, but also it is destroying Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, many monuments, buildings, and homes are burning, and also three firefighters suffering from various injuries.

The governor is saying that they are using all the available resources to put an end to this fire. Apart from the big main fire at north California and Los Angeles, small fires are also erupting. These small fires are also creating disturbances in many places and using some of the vital resources to extinguish these small fires in different areas. One of the most historical places in Sonoma County, “The Soda Rock Winery,” became a victim of this ongoing fire as it was completely in flames and to the ground.