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13th-century painting at woman’s kitchen in France sold at auction for $26.6M

Long-lost 13th-century painting

A painting was discovered back in June 2019 in the living room of a 90-year-old lady. She was advised to bring the painting for evaluation.

The painting was one of the works of Cimabue. It is a long lost 13th-century painting. It was valued at $4 to $6 million. The painting was sold for $26.6 million.

When the painting was announced for auction, it caused a great ruckus. This painting is unsigned, but by thorough inspection, it was concluded that it was one of Cimabue’s.

It is a ‘Christ Mocked’ painting. This painting holds a world record for pre-1500 work. The bidder is unknown, but it is believed to be a museum.

Cimabue, also known as Cenni di Pepo, was one of the great Italian painters. His other works are Crucifix, The Flagellation of Christ, Madonna with child, and so on.

He broke the Byzantine style, painted on poplar wooden panels with golden paint background, which was popular in the Middle Ages.

The experts say that the discovered painting is a part of an enormous diptych that was painted around in 1280. It had several components. Its other two panels are kept at the Frick Collection in New York and the National Gallery in London.

The painting was concluded to be one of Cimabue’s as it was similar to his style. The faces, buildings, light, and distance work was like that of Cimabue’s.

The owner of the painting thought that the painting was a religious icon with little value. For years it hung above her hotplate.

She said that the painting is with her for so long that she has no recollection of how she got it. After the auction, she has become a multimillionaire.

It is bizarre how a painting you own, and never paid much attention to, can make you money in the future. There still are many arts which are stolen or lost and waiting to be discovered.